Fresh, natural and full of energy, like the island where it is original, this is Quieta, the mascot of Quinta dos Açores, a true speaker for consumers of all ages, especially children.

For this reason, Quieta gathers in itself characteristics that give her a status of educator, and, simultaneously, a friend and companion of adventures. It is her mission to provide tips on healthy eating, to suggest culinary recipes and to present branded products and promotions in force, but she is also the central figure of the Quieta’s Club, dedicated exclusively to the little ones, and provides them with many fun moments thanks to their games and hobbies.

Quieta is an adult, responsible cow who still has a funny attitude. The positive values – Friendship, Respect for others and for the Environment, Generosity, Honesty, and Perseverance – that characterize her, are therefore transmitted to the children in a very natural way, always in real contexts.