Vision and values

Each product of Quinta dos Açores expresses the natural care, ambition, and know-how of the people who are at their origin.


The truth of the Azorean Nature, delivered in each of our products.


Due to the natural ingredients, the privileged origin, the respect for the environment, our rigorous manufacturing processes, and the respect for diets and demanding lifestyles, each of our products responds to the search for a healthier diet.


A rich Nature is just the beginning so that each of our products is really differentiating. For this reason, to the best natural conditions, we have added the best of knowledge, the best of technology, the best of know-how and the best quality control.


The alliance between our loyalty to our origin, with the quality of our raw materials and the appropriate manufacturing processes, results in truly tasty products while respecting the evolution of tastes and preferences of consumers.


Our ability to innovate is one of the characteristics that set us apart. We do better because we strive to surprise with each of our products, and each of our recipes. Also, the way we communicate to the public reveals the creativity that is part of our DNA.


Each of our products is the expression of the total delivery of people who demand the best that nature, knowledge, and technique can give us, whether they care for the environment and animals or knowledge and technology.


We like to show you what we do and how we do, so Quinta dos Açores is prepared to welcome all those who like to see and savor, on the spot, the art and production technique of all our products.


Our emotions are present in everything we do and we are proud of it. We get involved in every phase of the lives of our animals and our products, and we like to share what we are with our customers.