Tips for a more active and healthy lifestyle

We are not sports experts, however, we are convinced of its importance in our daily lives. Within the CNQA, we find that sport is a necessary complement to a balanced diet and one of the main drivers for a healthier lifestyle. So we decided to ask the experts for some suggestions, and in today’s text we leave some tips from the Best Of Health Club team to include sport in your routine and find out “The best in you”.

For many, September is a defining month in determining or redefining routines, especially for those who have children in school and ends up having to tailor their schedules to their demanding routines as well. Enjoy this new school year and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

According to the Best Of Health Club, it is crucial that you start by recognizing the 3 pillars of a healthier life: Diet, Exercise and Rest.

We could not agree more! However, when it comes to exercise, we know that excuses are always made for not meeting the goals.

In this regard, the Best Of Health Club gives us 3 important tips to get you started with physical activity:



1. Plan your week

Plan to have in your schedule, in a committed way, at least 3 times of exercise each week.


Planeia a sua semana


2. Define the days and hours like it was a professional compromise

Set a schedule and commit to it as if it were a professional appointment.

For example, Gym on Monday at 7 pm; 30-minute walk on Wednesday at 7 pm; and Easy grade hiking trail on Saturday at 10 am (suggestion: you can also include your children in some of the activities you define).


ginásio BestofHelalth Club


3. Be inflexible in this commitment

The body becomes whatever the mind wants. Make a healthy habit of thinking and saying, “I’m going to exercise today.”


pratique mais exercicio fisico


We hope these tips inspire you and make today a decisive day to start planning and including exercise in your life. If you have recently decided to start exercising, share with us when you started, what exercise you chose to do and how you felt.


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Thanks for the collaboration of the Best Of Health Club.

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