The Group

As a group, we integrate all the value chain: from production, to transformation and commercialization

Group Barcelos has 5 companies in total which operates through the various stages of the value chain.

Francisco Helvídio Barcelos

The first company in the group, dedicated exclusively to milk production.

With about 150 lactating cows of the Holstein Friesian breed, each one with its own proper name, we produce an average of 5,000 liters of milk daily. All our cows are kept in a free grazing system, fed with the natural pastures of the Azores.

Maria José Barcelos

The company Maria José Barcelos was created when the Group started investing in the importation of animals of high genetic value to the Azores. Later on, it also dedicated itself to the export of live animals.

The export of animals was an activity with great importance in the ’80s and the ’90s, where much was bet on the outflow of live animals for later finishing. In recent years this activity has been transferred to Azores, with added value results for the production and for the region as a whole.

Group Barcelos - Quinta dos Açores cows, Terceira Island, Azores

A Pastagem

A Pastagem is a production company, which is dedicated to raise pure Limousine breed animals, certified as Protected Geographical Identification.

They are animals fed on rotational grazing and fed with breast milk for at least 3 months.

Quinta dos Açores

Quinta dos Açores is the Group’s main brand and includes 4 business units: Meat and Dairy industries, Restaurant and Retail.

In the ​​meat area, Quinta dos Açores disassembles, cuts and commercializes for the brands Carne dos Açores IGP (certified meat from the Azores) and A Pastagem. Still in this field it has a line of deep-frozen meat prepared products (Hamburgers, Meatballs, and Nuggets) and a line of fresh meat prepared products branded as Especialidades da Quinta (Hamburgers, Meatballs, Meat Rolls, and Skewers).

As for the dairy products, we produce yogurts, ice cream and cheese with the milk of our cows.

In addition to the manufacturing units, Quinta dos Açores also counts on a space dedicated to retail and butchery, as well as a restaurant and ice cream shop, where we serve our customers meals cooked using our products.

Quinta dos Açores, Terceira Island, Azores

Quinta Experience

Quinta Experience is the youngest company of the Group, having been created in a perspective of growth of our restaurant and ice cream shop concept. Currently, it is the company that owns the Quinta dos Açores restaurant and ice cream shop in São Miguel Island, as well as the Quinta dos Açores ice cream shop in Lisbon.

Azores Ice Cream Shop Lisbon - Quinta dos Açores