Did you know…

According to the National Food and Physical Activity Survey (IAN-AF), more than half of the Portuguese population does not comply with the World Health Organization’s recommendation to consume more than 400g per day of fruit and vegetables (equivalent to 5 or more servings per day ). This percentage is higher in children and adolescents, of whom 69% and 66% do not comply with the recommendation.

The regions with the highest non-compliance with the recommendations were the Azores (69%) and Madeira (60%), with the Algarve being the region with the lowest prevalence of inadequacy (47%).

The CNQA identifies some suggestions that easily allow the accomplishment of this objective:

  • Consume soup daily before main meals. In addition to facilitating the consumption of vegetables, helps to satiate and with that to moderate the quantities consumed in the main course.
  • Consume at least 2 pieces of fruit daily. It can be a good suggestion of dessert in the main meals or snack in the intervals of the same ones. It is also a good option to consume fruit in smoothie or smoothie for breakfast or snack.
  • Accompany the main meal with a salad or cooked vegetables (we suggest as reference dose: half of the main course with salad or cooked vegetables).


Source: Lopes C et al. Inquérito alimentar nacional e de atividade física (IAN-AF) 2015-16. Universidade do Porto; 2017. ISBN: 978-989-746-181-1. Available in: www.ian-af.up.pt.

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