Quinta’s know-how

Our products result from the happy combination of excellent raw materials and our know-how. We believe we have everything we need to be a memorable experience for our customers.

Quinta dos Açores products, Terceira Island, Azores

Our origin is the DNA of our brand and is also a fundamental part of the quality of the raw material that we use.

Our milk

Our milk comes exclusively from Friesian Holstein cows that live in freedom and are fed on pasture. Among them there is Sãozinha, the sweetest cow of the herd; Archipelago, whose spots on her fur resemble islands; Macaca, that never stops and Capoeira, which is one of the most actives; Lulu, the most beloved grandmother of the herd; and Esperta, who is Malandra’s daughter and the most intelligent. At Quinta dos Açores, all our cows have a name and are treated with great affection and respect for their well-being.

Our responsibility for what we produces begins with the collection of the milk, then the production, transformation and commercialization of our cheeses, ice creams, and yogurts.

Quinta dos Açores cows, Terceira Island, Azores

Our Meat

Our suppliers are carefully selected from all over the Azores islands. We are rigorous in selecting the animals, since as producers, we know the exact requirements for high quality meat.

We disassemble and cut according to our client`s specifications. We have our meat products vacuum packed, MAP and skin packed. We also have a diversified range of fresh and frozen meat products.

The entire production process in the meat area is certified in IFS.

Quinta dos Açores cows, Terceira Island, Azores