We offer a variety of cured cheeses produced in the Azores. Our cheeses are produced in traditional molds and shows a more intense color and a characteristic flavor, typical of the Azorean cheeses, where the quality of our milk stands out.

QUEIJO MORIÃO – Hard cheese

Strong flavor and aroma, hard paste, yellowish crust and aged for more than 3 months.

QUEIJO QUINTA – Buttery cheese

Soft flavor and aroma, buttery paste and crust with a yellowish color.

QUEIJO QUINTA –Local pepper cheese

Cured cheese with a spicy final taste. It has a semi-soft paste and reddish crust.

QUEIJO MINA – creamy cheese

Taste slightly acidulated, soft aroma, creamy white paste, and yellowish crust.

Quinta dos Açores cheeses, Terceira Island, Azores