Fresh ice cream! : These are the best ice cream flavors of this season

Quinta dos Açores, Lisbon

“In the Azores, the factory is five minutes away from our cows, they have names, live in freedom and are feed on the pastures,” says Diana Barcelos, the youngest of the three sisters who run the Quinta dos Açores ice cream parlor. In March this year, the family business (which includes the production of fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, and certified meat) gained a store in Lisbon next to the Bica elevator, near Cais do Sodré. And the flavors could not be more Azorean: queijada da Graciosa, queijada da Vila Franca, chocolate with São Jorge cheese and Dona Amelia, which is the cake of Terceira Island, made with sugarcane syrup, cinnamon, spices, and nuts.
To these are added more traditional ones, such as passion fruit, fig jam or salted caramel (all ice creams have a base of milk and cream, which gives them creaminess). The Lisbon store has a mascot, which is also the main character of a series of books for little kids. It’s the cow Quieta that their father offered them when they were little to captivate their love for animals and business. And it worked. R. de São Paulo, 242, Lisbon > T. 21 160 7953 > mon-sun 12h-22h > €2,60


Source: Visão Sete, texto de Florbela Alves e Sandra Pinto.

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