Club Quieta

To belong to Quieta’s Club, just go to Quinta dos Açores building and fill out an application form with us. The registration is totally free and has no annual fee.

Belonging to the Quieta Club you have many advantages, among them, you can always be informed of the events of Quinta dos Açores and you can receive the surprises that Quieta has for all children.

Membership to the Quieta Club allows:

  • Regular communication with children about activities or special occasions to be celebrated on Quinta dos Açores.
  • The offer of a membership card that gives access to points benefits on the dishes and ice cream of Quinta dos Açores.
  • Sending mail/message on members’ anniversary day.
  • Promote learning in an educational and playful way.
  • Additional offers and surprises.
  • Customer Support Contact

For any question do not hesitate to contact us via email to